Our Story

Executive Styles is a premier lifestyle and haircare brand dedicated to revolutionizing beauty and redefining luxury haircare. Offering a full line of high-end haircare products, we are passionate about elevating the world of beauty through innovative and elegant haircare.

Our journey began with a single hair salon and spa in Scottsdale, AZ. The desire was to cater to a certain type of clientele: Young, savvy, fashionable, and professional. “I thought there should be a salon just for people like me,” says Executive Styles founder Ahmad Harb, “people who worked hard and felt they deserved a more contemporary and refined salon experience.”

And so Executive Styles was born. Soon the salon was seeing lines out the door, tons of social media buzz, and features in affluent lifestyle publications like Jetset Magazine. But as the business began to take off, Harb realized that he needed to cater to his audience on a larger scale. And the need for a luxury beauty experience inspired him to develop our high-end hair care line.

A renowned fashion expert, tastemaker, and stylist, Ahmad Harb channeled his fervent passion for quality and excellence into the full Executive Styles brand. A former hairstylist himself, Ahmad wanted to create a brand that lived up to his personal ideals and standards.

Following in the footsteps of personal idols like Paul Mitchell, Ahmad launched his haircare line with the intention of bringing his vision to a wider audience. A global traveler, Ahmad combined everything he learned about high-end haircare from his travels to deliver products unlike any other on the market.

 In 2017, Jetset named him an “Entreprenuer Who’s Changing the World,” alongside such icons as Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel. Today he lives in Los Angeles where he continues to further his vision of making Executive Styles the number one high-end haircare line in the world.

 Our Fashion Journey

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As Executive Styles continues to expand, a central goal of founder Ahmad Harb is partnering with like-minded brands within the fashion community. “Fashion will always be one of my greatest loves,” Harb says, “and so I want to make sure that Executive Styles works closely with the world of fashion.”

 Since then Executive Styles has been the official haircare sponsor of several of the largest and most prestigious fashion events in the nation, including LA Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week.

 Here is a look at some of the highlights from our journey.

Our Paradise Challenge Journey

The Paradise Challenge is a series of annual events which bring together photographers and models from around the world to shoot in the most exotic locales imaginable. Each event is a unique, socially driven experience full of some of the most exceptional creative minds and brands.

Executive Styles was honored to attend the 2018 Paradise Challenge in Jamaica where they helped spread their message for quality haircare and unique individual expression.

 Here are some highlights from that incredible journey.