Five Steps to Healthier Hair

Sometimes a good hair day is all you need to win the week. After all, when you look better, you feel better. Here are five ways to make everyday a good hair day.


Leave in Conditioner – Giving your hair an extra boost of hydration can cut down on frizz and leave hair looking smooth, shiny, and stronger.


Hands Off When Wet – Letting your hair dry naturally after a shower can prevent breakage and reduce the risk of split ends. Brushing your hair when wet can be extremely damaging so avoid styling until dry.


Take Your Vitamins – Essential vitamins and nutrients help keep hair shiny and strong. Taking vitamins such as biotin, B-vitamins, iron, and zinc support hair growth and health. You can also find these nutrients in natural food sources such as fruits and vegetables.


Coconut Oil – Doing an oil treatment periodically can work wonders for your hair. Once a month, cover your hair in organic virgin coconut oil. Massage the oil from your scalp to your ends. Cover the hair and leave this natural treatment in overnight before rinsing it out the next morning.


Silk Pillowcase – Sleeping on a silk pillowcase promotes hair health in several ways. The fabric silk has a lower chemical exposure during manufacturing than other materials. This then reduces the chemicals your hair is exposed to when you sleep on it. The softness of the silk prevents breakage in the hair during sleep which ultimately prevents and reduces frizz.